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About Us


For European excellence, Magenta Couture is a provider of the newest and hottest fashions east of the Atlantic. Delivering a whole new closet of international expansion, everything from Magenta Couture serves to make more than a statement. For the contemporary young woman looking to break from the mainstream with a new aesthetic, Magenta Couture makes that difference. For every scene and season, the collections within our catalog offer a full-range of items and accessories created by internationally-acclaimed designers. Everything from Magenta Couture is hand-designed to inspire individuality with cross-cultural collaborations for those who believe fashion goes beyond head-to-toe.

How To Wear It…Is How You Wear it.


The radiance of a rock star worn with the grace of a princess in paradise, Magenta Couture extends beyond the European-cut and the color story. It’s an attitude—one of stunning, yet subtle, sophistication. Our collections cross through the existing boundaries of class, culture, and magic. For those who take pleasure in what they wear, Magenta Couture brings you the best from the streets of Stockholm, the Shores of Spain, the South of France, the spirit of elegance from London, and everything along the Italian peninsula. You’ll find the divine designs seen through the sharpest eyes from Madrid to Milan, and all the Fashion capitals in between.


It matters most when the outfit all comes together. The moment when it captures you, when the image in the mirror becomes an admirer and you go from the designs to your own fashion sense, this is Magenta Couture. The allure, the aura, and the amazement of wearing hand-crafted couture pieces from the finest hands in Italy, Sweden, and Spain have to offer. Skirts that shimmer in the setting as an extension of your personality, this is Magenta Couture. The moment you realize why the words unique, boutique, and chic rhyme is Magenta Couture. For the younger female fashionistas looking to be the change they see in the world, those who find the inspiration by letting the fashion come to them. This is Magenta Couture.


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