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Stunning Accessories Available at Magenta Couture

Sep 15

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Stunning Accessories Available at Magenta Couture

Everyone woman knows that her accessories can truly make an outfit. From statement jewelry to classic diamonds, Magenta Couture has everything you need to complete your wardrobe. Magenta Couture carries 30 different designers that feature unique accessories that are sure to catch you eye. Here are a few of the stunning accessories we think you'll love.

Product Link: http://magentacouture.com/detail/ballroom-dancing-necklace

Erickson Beamon

This breathtaking Bathroom Dancing Necklace from Erickson Beamon is a truly fascinating piece to add to your wardrobe. The sleek choker piece feels great around your neck. This necklace also features a series of slender, cascading chains. Each chain has intervals of gorgeous Swarovski crystals. Try pairing this necklace with a simple black dress to truly make a bold statement when you're out for a night on the town.  

Product Link: http://magentacouture.com/detail/holly-golightly-earrings

Erickson Beamon


Product Link: http://magentacouture.com/detail/anne-bracelet


This elegant Anna Bracelet from Ca&lou is definitely going to be on your wishlist. This whimsical bracelet features gorgeous Swarovski crystals and wraps around your hand for a gorgeous effect. This bracelet has been so flawlessly designed that it would go perfectly with any outfit you pair it with, whether you're going out or just running around town. The model is wearing the bracelet in Silver, but it is also available in a lavishly brilliant Rose Gold color.

Product Link: http://magentacouture.com/detail/costume-jewelry-bracelet-with-enamel-pendent-2v4823

Patrizia Pepe

This stunning enamel pendant bracelet from Patrizia Pepe features brass, shiny gold plating with a padlock pendant that features Patrizia Pepe's signature Fly. It also features black enameling inside the padlock with Patrizia Pepe logo on the medal. This chic design makes it pair with your outfit so effortlessly. Not only does this design come as a bracelet, but also a necklace for a complete and unique look that is perfect for you.

These unique and stunning designs, plus several other brilliant designs, are all available at Magenta Couture. Magenta Couture features designers who think outside of the box and bring your accessories that are truly one of a kind. Sign up for the newsletter online and you will receive 10% off of your first order. You'll be able to snag these accessories plus loads more at a fraction of the regular retail price. Everyone loves a deal and you'll love everything Magenta Couture has to offer you.



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