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Sexy Dresses - what to wear for slightly more formal dinner parties!

Aug 22

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Sexy Dresses HunkDory

Sexy Dresses - what to wear for slightly more formal dinner parties!

When length becomes an issue....sometimes longer dresses are needed. Necessary Clothing specializes in all things affordable. We have two dresses that meet both the sexy dresses and affordable dresses criteria. Sometimes less is more and in this case, the "less" part would be the back of this backless dress. A simple fitted design with an absolutely stunning back. We don't know where you're going - dinner with friends, dinner party, or date night; but if it requires a killer longer dress than this is perfect. Pair with a strappy heel, faux fur coat, and large dangle earrings.


Another great option from our affordable dresses list with a longer length, is this stunning high slit dress. We have it dressed down in the photo, but you can dress it up also. With a plunging neckline this sexy dress is practically begging to feature a large dangle necklace and lovely updo. No sequins needed here, this dress drapes over the body like liquid. A fantastic piece for a dinner party or dinner with friends at a more formal event, great for date night too. Check with your physician first - you may give your boyfriend a heart attack.

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