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Magenta Couture Features Unique Accessories by Patrizia Pepe

Aug 30

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Magenta Couture Features Unique Accessories by Patrizia Pepe

Magenta Couture is home to 30 different unique designers. One of those designers, Patrizia Pepe, features unique accessories that are sure to impress everyone you meet. Patrizia Pepe began in 1993, in Florence, and since then woman have been able to enjoy the simply glamour associated with the Patrizia Pepe style. Magenta Couture offers you some unique piece of jewelry from the Patrizia Pepe line that are sure to be perfect for everyday wear or those special occasions.

Product Link: http://magentacouture.com/detail/necklace-bv3577-

This necklace from Patrizia Pepe features a Jewely Fly in resin. The resin is poured by hand and the single colour, and the veining, enhance the natural look of the jewel. This gorgeous piece also features a circular medallion on the necklace that features the Patrizia Pepe logo medal.

You could easily accessories this piece for a gorgeous black, evening dress or even, like the model, pair it with a nice top and jeans for an everyday look. Patrizia Pepe is very versatile and can be worn in whatever way suits your daily taste.

Product Link: http://magentacouture.com/detail/bracelet-bv3776-

Magenta Couture also features this stunning Patrizia Pepe bracelet. Much like the necklace, this bracelet features a gorgeous jewel fly in hand poured resin. This photo really helps you get an idea of how each piece of Patrizia Pepe jewelry is hand crafted and extremely detailed. This bracelet also features the same circular medallion with the Patrizia Pepe logo.

This bracelet would be perfect styled with a black romper and baby pink heels. Or if you want to go with a more relaxed look, it would also go perfect with a pair of blue black skinny jeans and a pink top. Patrizia Pepe is so versatile that it could pair perfectly with everything in your closet.

Product Link: http://magentacouture.com/detail/costume-jewelry-necklace-with-butterfly-gems-bv3578

Another Patrizia Pepe piece available on Magenta Couture is this absolutely breathtaking Butterfly Gem necklace. This necklace features a beautiful jeweled Butterfly in hand poured resin. It features the same stunning design details that are true in every Patrizia Pepe piece. This necklace also features the same circular medallion with the Patrizia Pepe logo on it.

This necklace is so beautiful that you don't even have to try to coordinate an outfit to match it. It can essentially be worn to accentuate you on any type of day, for any type of occasion. This is why Magenta Couture offers you a brand as unique as Patrizia Pepe, because we know you are unique. Your style should always represent that.

Click the link below to shop for more Patrizia Pepe accessories available at Magenta Couture.



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